Easy Breathing

  • Better Ways to Breathe

    It’s easy, it’s automatic, and it’s a sure thing that you’re doing it right now, but breathing, like many things, benefits from both a little attention and intention now and then. Breathing is of course the process of taking in oxygen, to fuel our cells, and releasing carbon dioxide as a waste p... View Post
  • Mindfulness: Unlocking the Key to Happiness

    Mindfulness gets talked about a lot these days. It’s being promoted for everyone from Silicon Valley execs to British schoolchildren as a way to improve productivity, concentration, even as a way to treat serious mental health issues like depression and anxiety. But mindfulness isn’t some new tre... View Post
  • 3 Easy Ways to Add a Little Movement to Your Day

    Spending a large part of the day sitting in front of the computer is a given for most jobs. It often carries over into evenings and weekends, where so many activities for work and for leisure involve more screens and more sitting. However all that sitting takes a toll in the form of back and neck... View Post