3 Easy Summer Treats: Make Your Own Healthy Popsicles

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When the temperatures climb it’s tempting to open the freezer and apply the nearest frozen sugary treat directly to your mouth. But if you’re worried about the dangers of high fructose corn syrup and artificial food colouring, it’s hard to justify buying the snacks. Luckily it’s easy to make your own popsicles – healthy, natural ones – with only a few ingredients. You just need popsicle moulds, and maybe a blender, to come up with an array of frozen goodies that would put any other popsicle stand to shame.


Chunky Fruit n’ Juice Pops

This is a blender-free and ridiculously easy recipe! You just need juice and fruit, almost any kind will do. Thinly slice fruit like strawberries, mangos or kiwis and put them in the popsicle moulds, small fruit like blueberries and raspberries can go in whole. Fill up the moulds with juice – white grape juice makes for lovely clear popsicles, but you can use any juice you like, even coconut water (if you’re using unsweetened coconut water you might want to add agave or honey). Put the popsicle mould tops on, or wooden sticks, and then freeze. When everything’s set you may need to run the moulds under warm water to loosen, then slide out the pops and enjoy!


Fruit Dreamsicles

Take it to the next level of popsicle making by bringing out your trusty blender. You can use any fruit you like, fresh or frozen, about a cup for 6 popsicles. Take an equal amount of plain yogurt – 1 cup for 1 cup fruit – and put it all in the blender. Add 2 tbsp of honey or agave to sweeten. Blend everything together. Pour the mixture into the moulds, making sure to only fill ¾ to the top of the mould. Add sticks or tops. Freeze until set.

Perfectly Posh Parfait Pops

For the ultimate in frozen treats, make yourself a breakfast on a stick. Blend 2 cups of your favourite berries with 2-3 tbsp honey or agave or maple syrup. Take a cup and a half of yogurt – if using plain yogurt stir in another tbsp of honey. Also grab a ½ cup of granola. Layer your parfait in the popsicle moulds, starting with yogurt, then fruit puree and finally granola, repeating until each mould is ¾ of the way full. Put tops or sticks in and put everything in the freezer until set. Gently slide popsicles out to enjoy a yogurty feast!

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